With over 25 years of gas fitting experience, our certified gasfitters are hardworking and have excellent expertise. We’re confident in guaranteeing all the services we offer. 


We recommend homes fitted with gas undergo routine appliance maintenance and checks, including hot water cylinders and gas hobs. This is to prevent poisonous carbon monoxide gas being released from faulty appliances that can be dangerous to the health of you and your family. 


Gas Fitting Services

What we do

Gas appliance installation and/or certification

Gas connections

​Repairs and maintenance contracts with North Harbour property managers

Gas hob installation, repairs and maintenance

Leaking cylinders

Why Switch to Gas? 

The Pros & Cons

Electric Ranges


Cheaper than gas to buy and install, but if the power goes out you can’t cook.


Easier to clean surfaces but surfaces are slower to cool once turned off.


No lighter or igniter necessary.


Improved distribution of heat when baking and roasting.

Gas Ranges

An improved stovetop heat for cooking, which is why chefs love gas hobs.


More precise heating with an adjustable cooking flame, but there is a potential for gas leaks.


Natural gas is clean-burning, making gas hobs more environmentally friendly.


Gas ranges are cheaper to run than electric ranges but more expensive to install.


Your food cooks faster, but there is a greater risk to children and pets with an open flame.


Once the flame is turned off the temperature drops quickly, but gas hobs can be less effective for baking and roasting.


Our Regular

Maintenance Services

We offer a home gas maintenance service. It's always best to avoid problems BEFORE they occur! The service we offer includes checking gas heaters and fires, gas hobs and cookers, gas hot water systems, your central heating and LPG cylinders. Stay on top of things with Premium.

Continuous flow gas hot water heaters and accessories 

A Gas hot water (gas califont) unit fixed to the exterior of your house. *It is designed to provide 26 litres of hot water to homes requiring endless mains pressure hot water.


The 26L model is suitable for homes wanting to regularly run three hot water taps simultaneously (eg; hot water in the kitchen & a bathroom and an ensuite shower).


Internal units are available in this size model too. *The L/min is the nominal water capacity at a 25° rise.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems 

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