Back-Flow Prevention

For over 25 years, we have provided backflow prevention services including annual testing and certification to commercial, industrial and residential properties in Auckland and North Harbour. We are specialists in backflow prevention including installation, repairs and maintenance. We guarantee our services are professional, budget-friendly and effective. 


Backflow prevention is needed to safeguard drinkable water from being contaminated by water flowing back into the water supply. This often happens when a low-pressure area is formed that affects conventional water flow.

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Safeguarding Against Contamination

Its important to be aware of potential sources of water contamination around the home. These can include bendable hoses in kitchens, showers, and baths. Irrigation systems. Swimming pools and ornamental ponds.


We recommend installing a backflow prevention device to safeguard drinking water. These valves should be installed by an experienced IQP licensed professional. It should be tested and certified once a year to make sure it’s working effectively. 


The Premium team has extensive knowledge and experience in backflow prevention. Our team members are all IQP certified and licensed. We’ll make sure your home and business is safe from potentially harmful side effects of contamination caused by backflow. 

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